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Shuttleworth, Inc.
Slip-Torque® Conveyors  

Slip-Torque® conveyor technology was pioneered by Shuttleworth in 1972 and has evolved through over thirty years of practical application in numerous industries. It is based on polished stainless steel shafts individually powered by flexible belts on a line shaft or by a continuous chain. These stainless steel shafts are covered with segmented, loose-fit rollers, which become the conveyor surface.

It is the weight of the product being conveyed combined with the coefficient of friction between the shafts and the inside diameter of the rollers that provides the driving force. As the weight of the product increases, there is a corresponding increase in the driving force supplied. As products stop, the segmented rollers beneath them also stop, creating very low backpressure accumulation and reducing product damage.

Clean Passage™ Conveyor  

The Shuttleworth Clean Passage system is a complete flexible manufacturing fab transport system that enables any point to any point routing of work-in-process (WIP) in flat panel display and semiconductor fabs. It is suitable for inter bay and intra bay transport and local buffering of cassettes and pods above the ceiling through use of a self-contained mini-environment.

The Clean Passage fab transport system consists of Slip-Trak® conveyors in a mini-environment suspended above the ceilings of both clean and dirty areas of the fab. Clean vertical conveyors are employed to deliver cassettes and pods to and receive them from cleanroom bays or tool clusters within the bays. The unique features of Shuttleworth Slip-Trak® conveyors enable random-access pod or cassette buffering directly on the conveyor surface above each bay or tool cluster, ensuring WIP is immediately available when tools are operational. The Clean Passage mini-environment is equipped with its own filters and is designed to connect directly to the fab HVAC system. It is cleanroom compatible to Class 1 in the product area depending on specific customer requirements.

Roller Surface Patterns  

Channeled Roller Pattern Surface
Channels can be created in the conveyor surface for odd shaped product protrusions

Standard Roller Pattern Surface
Most Applications have a standard roller conveyor surface

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