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ACS FLEX Automation Conveying Systems
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Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors are typically the least expensive and most economical to operate. They are commonly used to convey packages or loose irregularly shaped products, either horizontally or inclined.
UniTrak™ Table Top Chain Conveyors
UniTrak™ Table Top Chain Conveyors are designed for use in assembly line manufacturing, packaging lines and bottling operations. The UniTrak system is adaptable - in straight running systems or those requiring multiple changes in direction and/or elevation.
Cleated Belt Parts Conveyors
Parts Conveyors are equipped with high siderails and cleated belts that allow them to convey a wide range of loose parts. Parts Conveyors are best suited when product containment is an issue. A wide range of belts, cleat styles and siderails are available.
Floor to Floor Belt Conveyors
Floor to Floor or "incline" conveyors are ideally suited to move items from one level to another.
SteelTrakm Hinged/Steel Belt Conveyors
Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors are used to convey virtually any type of metal scrap. These rugged, heavy-duty conveyors are designed for long-term, low-maintenance operations in industrial scrap, steel chip and fastener applications.
Slat Conveyors
The Slat Convevor belt is one long, continuous chain of slats. The strength of the individual slats is ideally suited to convey laraer and heavier products like washing machines or automobile parts.
Power Roller Conveyors
Power Roller Conveyors are used to convey
heavier, bulkier products such as tote pans,
casting drums and goods on pallets.
Magnetic Conveyors
Magnetic conveyors are particularly appropriate for applications involving very small metal particles and/or metallic sludge. They are well suited for applications where small particles are submerged, cooled or filtered in coolant tanks. They are also used to convey fine metal scrap with sharp corners that may hang up.
Power Roller Curves and Spurs
Curves and Spurs are used to diverge, converge, pick or transport products to or from a Power Roller Conveyor.
Power Roller Curves and Spurs
Curves and Spurs are used to diverge, converge, pick or transport products to or from a Power Roller Conveyor.
Gravity Roller Conveyors
Gravity Roller Conveyors are an economical means for carrying light-weight to mediumweight packages.
Turntables are used to accumulate products in assembly or sorting operations. They are also used for directional changes and to transfer products from one conveyor to another.
Wire Mesh Conveyors
Wire Mesh Conveyors are designed to carry hot or cold items from ovens or freezers. They are also used when items need to be washed and/or dried or when small pieces of i a product are expected to fall off the product - L being conveyed.
QuickStart™ Electrical Controls
NLE stocks a wide variety of starters and electrical components. These can be mount- I ed on select conveyor products so that your equipment arrives ready to run. We can also engineer a custom-designed turnkey control panel if you require.
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