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Link Series Belt Conveyors

Link 1000   Link 1300  
Low-Profile, Compact-Drive, Flat-Belt Conveyor. Center Drive/Single Idler-End Rollers

Product Specification Sheet - PDF
Low-Profile, Compact-Drive, Flat Belt Conveyor. End Drive – Standard or In Line/Single Idler-End Roller

Product Specification Sheet - PDF
Link 2000   Link 2001  
Compact-Drive, Flat Belt Conveyor. Center Drive/Two Stacked Idler-End Roller

Product Specification Sheet - PDF
Full-Size-Drive, Flat Belt Conveyor. Center Drive/Single Idler-End Roller

Product Specification Sheet - PDF
Link 2300   Link 2301  
Compact-Drive, Flat, or Cleated Belt Conveyor. End Drive – Standard or In Line/Single Idler-End Roller

Product Specification Sheet - PDF
Full-Size Drive, Flat or Cleated Belt Conveyor. End Drive – Single Idler-End Roller

Product Specification Sheet - PDF
Belts Product Specification Sheet - PDF    
Frames/Options Product Specification Sheet - PDF    
Specialty Conveyors Product Specification Sheet - PDF    

LINK SERIES BELT CONVEYORS are designed to offer an economical method of transporting small oftentimes lightweight products. The overall profile is compact and the small diameter end rollers provide easy parts transfer from one conveyor to another. Options such as adjustable guide rails, sensor brackets and transfer plates are available to make LINK conveyors a ready to use component of your automated systems. Our standard design reduces costly engineering time and eliminates the need to design and fabricate special attachments to fit your automation needs. All LINK 1000, 1300 & 2300s come with a compact integral gearmotor drive. All LINK 2001 & 2301 S come with a full-size drive (56C frame motor coupled to a worm gearbox). The LINK 2000 is available with either a compact or a full-size drive. Speeds and load limits for each vary and can be referenced in the motor (drive) specification table on the second page for each LINK conveyor in this catalog. All LINK conveyors are available in single and multi-belt versions. Each LINK conveyor is test run in the factory before shipping.

LINK SERIES CENTER-DRIVE MODELS 1000, 2000 & 2001 are useful because the drive can be positioned anywhere (within the limits of not interfering with the idler-end-roller assemblies) along the length of the conveyor. The length of a centerdrive conveyor never changes with belt tensioning because the tensioning mechanism is built into the centerdrive module. A centerdrive unit must use a flat belt because the belt backflexes around pulleys within the drive module. LINK CENTER-DRIVEM ODELSar e offered in economical SINGLE-DRIVEM ULTI-BELT versions. Applications for multi-belt models range from pallet transfers to transporting large, light parts where access between belts is necessary.

LINK SERIES END-DRIVE MODELS 2300 & 2301 are particularly useful for cleated belt applications. The LINK 1300 and the other two enddrive models are economical and are a good choice for flat-belt applications as well. The overall length of an end-drive conveyor will increase slightly as the conveying belt is tensioned. The 1300 & 2300 are also available in an IN-LINE END-DRIVE version. This is useful where you have a clearance requirement.

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